Index for Chapter XXVIII

Of Other Relations

1. Ideas of proportional relations.
2. Natural relation.
3. Ideas of instituted or voluntary relations.
4. Ideas of moral relations.
5. Moral good and evil.
6. Moral rules.
7. Laws.
8. Divine law the measure of sin and duty.
9. Civil law the measure of crimes and innocence.
10. Philosophical law the measure of virtue and vice.
11. The measure that men commonly apply to determine what they call virtue and vice.
12. Its enforcement is commendation and discredit.
13. These three laws the rules of moral good and evil.
14. Morality is the relation of voluntary actions to these rules.
15. Moral actions may be regarded either absolutely, or as ideas of relation.
16. The denominations of actions often mislead us.
17. Relations innumerable, and only the most considerable here mentioned.
18. All relations terminate in simple ideas.
19. We have ordinarily as clear a notion of the relation, as of the simple ideas in things on which it is founded.
20. The notion of relation is the same, whether the rule any action is compared to be true or false.

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