Index for Chapter XXIX

Of Clear and Obscure, Distinct and Confused Ideas

1. Ideas, some clear and distinct, others obscure and confused.
2. Clear and obscure explained by sight.
3. Causes of obscurity.
4. Distinct and confused, what.
5. Objection.
6. Confusion of ideas is in reference to their names.
7. Defaults which make this confusion.
8. Their simple ones jumbled disorderly together.
9. Their simple ones mutable and undetermined.
10. Confusion without reference to names, hardly conceivable.
11. Confusion concerns always two ideas.
12. Causes of confused ideas.
13. Complex ideas may be distinct in one part, and confused in another.
14. This, if not heeded, causes confusion in our arguings.
15. Instance in eternity.
16. Infinite divisibility of matter.

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