Index for Chapter XXXI

Of Adequate and Inadequate Ideas

1. Adequate ideas are such as perfectly represent their archetypes.
2. Simple ideas all adequate.
3. Modes are all adequate.
4. Modes, in reference to settled names, may be inadequate.
5. Because then meant, in propriety of speech, to correspond to the ideas in some other mind.
6. Ideas of substances, as referred to real essences, not adequate.
7. Because men know not the real essences of substances.
8. Ideas of substances, when regarded as collections of their qualities, are all inadequate.
9. Their powers usually make up our complex ideas of substances.
10. Substances have innumerable powers not contained in our complex ideas of them.
11. Ideas of substances, being got only by collecting their qualities, are all inadequate.
12. Simple ideas, ektupa, and adequate.
13. Ideas of substances are ektupa, and inadequate.
14. Ideas of modes and relations are archetypes and cannot be adequate.

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