Index for Chapter III

Of General Terms

1. The greatest part of words are general terms.
2. That every particular thing should have a name for itself is impossible.
3. And would be useless, if it were possible.
4. A distinct name for every particular thing, not fitted for enlargement of knowledge.
5. What things have proper names, and why.
6. How general words are made.
7. Shown by the way we enlarge our complex ideas from infancy.
8. And further enlarge our complex ideas, by still leaving out properties contained in them.
9. General natures are nothing but abstract and partial ideas of more complex ones.
10. Why the genus is ordinarily made use of in definitions.
11. General and universal are creatures of the understanding, and belong not to the real existence of things.
12. Abstract ideas are the essences of genera and species.
13. They are the workmanship of the understanding, but have their foundation in the similitude of things.
14. Each distinct abstract idea is a distinct essence.
15. Several significations of the word "essence
16. Constant connexion between the name and nominal essence.
17. Supposition, that species are distinguished by their real essences, useless.
18. Real and nominal essence the same in simple ideas and modes, different in substances.
19. Essences ingenerable and incorruptible.
20. Recapitulation.

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