Index for Chapter IV

Of the Names of Simple Ideas

1. Names of simple ideas, modes, and substances, have each something peculiar.
2. Names of simple ideas, and of substances intimate real existence.
3. Names of simple ideas and modes signify always both real and nominal essences.
4. Names of simple ideas are undefinable.
5. If all names were definable, it would be a process in infinitum.
6. What a definition is.
7. Simple ideas, why undefinable.
8. Instances:
9. Modern definitions of motion.
10. Definitions of light.
11. Simple ideas, why undefinable, further explained.
12. The contrary shown in complex ideas, by instances of a statue and rainbow.
13. Colours indefinable to the born-blind.
14. Complex ideas definable only when the simple ideas of which they consist have been got from experience.
15. Names of simple ideas of less doubtful meaning than those of mixed modes and substances.
16. Simple ideas have few ascents in linea praedicamentali.
17. Names of simple ideas not arbitrary, but perfectly taken from the existence of things.

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