Index for Chapter V

Of the Names of Mixed Modes and Relations

1. Mixed modes stand for abstract ideas, as other general names.
2. First, The abstract ideas they stand for are made by the understanding.
3. Secondly, made arbitrarily, and without patterns.
4. How this is done.
6. Instances:
7. But still subservient to the end of language, and not made at random.
8. Whereof the intranslatable words of divers languages are a proof.
9. This shows species to be made for communication.
10. In mixed modes it is the name that ties the combination of simple ideas together, and makes it a species.
11. Suitable to this, we find that men speaking of mixed modes, seldom imagine or take any other for species of them, but such as are set out by name:
12. For the originals of our mixed modes, we look no further than the mind;
13. Their being made by the understanding without patterns, shows the reason why they are so compounded.
14. Names of mixed modes stand always for their real essences, which are the workmanship of our minds.
15. Why their names are usually got before their ideas.
16. Reason of my being so large on this subject.

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