Index for Chapter XI

Of the Remedies of the Foregoing Imperfectionsand Abuses of Words

1. Remedies are worth seeking.
2. Are not easy to find.
3. But yet necessary to those who search after truth.
4. Misuse of words the great cause of errors.
5. Has made men more conceited and obstinate.
6. Addicted to wrangling about sounds.
7. Instance, bat and bird.
8. Remedies.
9. Second remedy:
10. And distinct and conformable ideas in words that stand for substances.
11. Third remedy:
12. Fourth remedy:
13. And that in three ways.
14. I.
15. II.
16. Morality capable of demonstration.
17. Definitions can make moral discourses clear.
18. And is the only way in which the meaning of mixed modes can be made known.
19. III.
20. Ideas of the leading qualities of substances are best got by showing.
21. And can hardly be made known otherwise.
22. The Ideas of the powers of substances are best known by definition.
23. A reflection on the knowledge of corporeal things possessed by spirits separate from bodies.
24. IV Ideas of substances must be conformable to things.
25. Not easy to be made so.
26. V.
27. When not so used, the variation is to he explained.

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