Index for Chapter IV

Of the Reality of Knowledge

1. Objection.
2. Answer:
3. But what shall be the criterion of this agreement?
4. As all simple ideas are really conformed to things.
5. All complex ideas, except ideas of substances, are their own archetypes.
6. Hence the reality of mathematical knowledge.
7. And of moral.
8. Existence not required to make abstract knowledge real.
9. Nor will it be less true or certain, because moral ideas are of our own making and naming.
10. Misnaming disturbs not the certainty of the knowledge.
11. Our complex ideas of substances have their archetypes without us;
12. So far as our complex ideas agree with those archetypes without us, so far our knowledge concerning substances is real.
13. In our inquiries about substances, we must consider ideas, and not confine our thoughts to names or species supposed set out by names.
14. Objection against a changeling being something between a man and beast, answered.
15. What will become of changelings in a future state?
16. Monsters.
17. Words and species.
18. Recapitulation.

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