Index for Chapter X

Of our Knowledge of the Existence of a God

1. We are capable of knowing certainly that there is a God.
2. For man knows that he himself exists.
4. And that eternal Being must be most powerful.
5. And most knowing.
6. And therefore God.
7. Our idea of a most perfect Being, not the sole proof of a God.
8. Recapitulation- something from eternity.
9. Two sorts of beings, cogitative and incogitative.
10. Incogitative being cannot produce a cogitative being.
11. Therefore, there has been an eternal cogitative Being.
12. The attributes of the eternal cogitative Being.
13. Whether the eternal Mind may he also material or no.
14. Not material:
15. II.
16. III.
17. And that whether this corporeal system is in motion or at rest.
18. Matter not co-eternal with an eternal Mind.
19. Objection:

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