Index for Chapter XVIII

Of Faith and Reason, and their Distinct Provinces

1. Necessary to know their boundaries.
2. Faith and reason, what, as contradistinguished.
3. No new simple idea can be conveyed by traditional revelation.
4. Traditional revelation may make us know propositions knowable also by reason, but not with the same certainty that reason doth.
5. Even original revelation cannot be admitted against the clear evidence of reason.
6. Traditional revelation much less.
7. Things above reason are, when revealed, the proper matter of faith.
8. Or not contrary to reason, if revealed, are matter of faith;
9. Revelation in matters where reason cannot judge, or but probably, ought to be hearkened to.
10. In matters where reason can afford certain knowledge, that is to be hearkened to.
11. If the boundaries be not set between faith and reason, no enthusiasm or extravagancy in religion can be contradicted.

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