Index for Chapter XX

Of Wrong Assent, or Error

1. Causes of error, or how men come to give assent contrary to probability.
2. First cause of error, want of proofs.
3. Objection.
4. People hindered from inquiry.
5. Second cause of error, want of skill to use proofs.
6. Third cause of error, want of will to use them.
7. Fourth cause of error, wrong measures of Probability.
8. I.
9. Instilled in childhood.
10. Of irresistible efficacy.
11. II.
12. III.
13. Two means of evading probabilities:
14. Supposed unknown arguments for the contrary.
15. What probabilities naturally determine the assent.
16. Where it is in our power to suspend our judgment.
17. IV.
18. Not so many men in errors as is commonly supposed.

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