Varieties of Epistemology on WWW

The view of epistemology which you will get via WWW is warped by two factors which distinguish this medium from other publishing media.

The first is that the population of readers, and more importantly of writers, using this medium is high on people who use or work with computers a lot, and probably low on the kind of people who write about epistemology in the real world. The second is that this medium lacks all the controls on publication found in the traditional media, and therefore attracts people who have difficulty in publishing anywhere else.

I find it refreshing. By contrast with professional philosophers, outsiders who feel they need to know or write about epistemology (and there are quite a lot of them) often do so for non-academic reasons. They are likely to know the difference between a theory of knowledge and a discussion about the meaning of the word "know", because the theory they seek is expected to help them achieve some objective (e.g. building an artificial intelligence) which a discussion of the meaning of the word will not do.

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