Philosophy of Engineering
An overview of my philosophical interests related to engineering.
Brief descriptions of areas of interest not covered elsewhere.
Brief descriptions of areas of interest not covered elsewhere.

There is an element of pragmatism in my philosophy, which arises from a desire to understand the practical benefits of the philosophy. This means, for example, that I conceive science as something which provides theories about the world whose purpose ultimately is to be used by people who are trying to do something. e.g. make a change to the world, or develop a technology which will enable others to do something. Technology I take to be a part of engineering.

I am inclined also to take other practical purposes as being generally kinds of engineering. So, at an extreme, utopian thinking is an aspect of social engineering, trying to figure out how we might like the world to be and how to make it so.

An aspect of utopian engineering which has some interest to some kinds of engineer who may not be sympathetic to utopian engineering is the automation of reasoning, which I think of as Liebniz's project, the furtherence of which is among my objectives.

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