Positive Philosophy, Fredom and Democracy
Practical Positive Philosophy is concerned with existential questions, ethics, morality, justice, politics and economics.
Metaphysical Positivism

A concise introduction to the theoretical, analytic, aspects of Positive Philosophy sufficient to provide a basis for the practical aspects of Positive Philosophy.

Existential Positivism

Practical positive philosophy is called "existential positivism" because it builds outward from core considerations for the individual and his attitude towards life. This central core is an affirmation of the autonomy of the individual. From this an individualistic conception of ethics and morality is obtained.


The nature of democracy is considered anew, what it is and what it might become, from the point of view of the autonomous individual and in the context of a critique of present day institutions of democratic government and they way they now operate and of the possibilities that arise from information technology and plausible future developments of it.


On the thesis that the individual seeking to influence the shape of society will seek the most efficient way of exerting that influence, the possibilities for systematic harnessing of individual purchasing decisions to achieve social change are explored.

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