Roger Bishop Jones

A somewhat retired information engineer.
Formal MethodsI occasionally do applications work in Formal Methods, usually using HOL or Z (working through my own company, Roger Bishop Jones Limited). Recently that's mostly been on the formal specification of ClawZ for QinetiQ under subcontract to Lemma1. I have also worked on proof technology, notably on the development of ProofPower.Photo of Roger
MusicI have enjoyed playing the piano for most of my life, mostly somewhat recklessly (i.e. badly). I'm trying to get my standard of performance good enough for making some CDs, which is not easy.
Web WritingArchitect and author of the eclectic but somewhat moribund Factasia web site. I am starting now to re-engineer the site to suit my present view of things. The name "Factasia" is going, and the central theme is something I am calling analytic positivism.
The Past I worked for English Electric at Nelson Research Labs (Stafford, UK) from 1967 to 1969 researching compiler-compilers and developing applications. From 1969 until 1998 (with a break in academe) I worked for International Computers Limited (now absorbed into Fujitsu) in a variety of software development related roles, including work on compiler development, mainframe microcode, operating systems, knowledge engineering, relational database software, formal methods applied to secure systems, the development of ProofPower and application development. During my last few years at ICL I was an ICL Distinguished Engineer.

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