Factasia Through the Looking Glass

a worm-hole warp-drive into the future of cyber-space

1. Factasia as Crystal Ball
Factasia is about the Future. When I'm trying to work out how to develop Factasia, you can imagine me sitting here gazing into a crystal ball reflecting on the future.

However, for reflecting on the future I decided a small hand mirror might give me a better image.

3. A Bigger Picture
On the wall by the side of me is another large mirror. I swing round in my chair until, in the hand mirror, I can see the image of myself and the hand mirror reflected in the wall mirror.

I'm now reflecting on my own reflections. The view of the future presented in Factasia, includes the future of Factasia itself. Through the hand mirror I peer at the future of the future.

5. Worm-holes
The image of Factasia inside Factasia is a worm-hole through cyber-space which enables Factasia to tunnel into the future. Its not just a one off, each time I pull the future out of the worm hole I find a more distant future waiting to be grasped.
2. Looking through the Glass
So I'm sitting there peering into this hand mirror, which we may think of as factasia's window on the future. First impressions are that the picture is incomplete.

I'm hoping that Factasia is going to be around for some time, but I can't see any sight of it. The one thing that I can't see in the mirror is the mirror itself. I'm evidently not reflecting on the right things.

4. Grasping the Future
Now imagine me reaching through this looking glass into the future, grasping the distant hand mirror, and pulling it back from the future into the present.

I look at the future of Factasia and ask the question "what does it take to make that happen now?". Reflection pulls today's Factasia into the future.

6. Warp-drive
Looking through the glass I see an infinite sequence of mirrors, each one more distant into the future.

This is Factasia's Warp Drive.

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