MagicMagic in Factasia

There is a lot of magic in Factasia.
From this page you can find links to it all.

Each of the three major architectural components of Factasia is built around its own special kind of magic.


The Factasia Value System is founded in the magic of empathy. The magic of empathy is that it makes us feel with those close to us. This can make a positive feedback loop which pays off mutual support, not in material terms, but in a sense of well being and personal fulfillment.

The inhuman behaviour of the mob is on the black side of this magic. One of the keys to the Factasia quest is understanding how to harness the many forms of empathy for the forces of light.


The Value Net exploits the power of consensus. Consensus, achieved through the net, channelled through purchasing power, is a powerful economic influence which can negate the benefits to anti-social minorities of self-serving agendas.

Consensus cuts both ways. The second key to the Factasia quest is to create a consensus for the good.

Intelligent LogicMagic

According to The Sage any technology which is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic. Intelligent Logic is the magic of pure techno-logic.

The FAn oracle is the ultimate cyber-magic, achieving in information space as much as can be achieved short of logical incoherence. It lies beyond the capabilities of turing machines or digital computers.

Intelligent logic is a feasible asymptotic approach to implementing the FAn oracle.

The MagicMagic of Reflexion

One of the most important techniques in Factasia for making magic is Reflexion. (see Reflexion in Factasia)

This is only the beginning. More spells in the making.

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