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    The Factasia Content Subject Lattice

    Much of the original content in Factasia is reluctant to fit into a traditional subject classification hierarchy. Factasia content is intended to be purposive, goal-directed or thematic.

    Sometimes the same problems are viewed from multiple perspectives, or the same materials re-used for more than one purpose. Often I have felt a need to connect distant parts with little respect for scholastic taxonomy.

    Nevertheless, a subject lattice is a convenient and familiar way to organise or navigate content, and this page heads the Factasia subject lattice.

    As well as navigating down the subject lattice to the subjects you are interested in you can also navigate Factasia by different means.

    The two principle alternatives approaches are the architectural approach, and the thematic approach.

    The Factasia Bridge is an architectural approach to Factasia which describes Factasia as constructed from three major components which may be thought of as two bridgeheads spanned by a connecting arch. The Factasia Theme Park presents the content of Factasia through a variety of multi-disciplinary themes. These themes connect the futuristic aspects of Factasia with the classic ingredients of Fantasy, e.g. Magic.

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