Roger Bishop Jones

An independent information engineer, working in the following areas:
Web WritingArchitect and author of the eclectic Factasia web site.Photo of Roger
Language EngineeringI am developing some ideas, techniques and tools for defining implementing and exploiting formal notations (in general). More about this soon.
Distributed OO Application DevelopmentUnder contract to ICL I am continuing to contribute to the development of an object oriented distributed application using DAIS, the ICL CORBA Object Request Broker.
The Past I worked for English Electric at Nelson Research Labs from 1967 to 1969 reasearching compiler-compilers and developing applications. From 1969 until 1998 (with a break in academe) I worked for International Computers Limited in a variety of software development related roles, including work on compiler development, mainframe microcode, operating systems, knowledge engineering, relational database software, formal methods applied to secure systems, the development and marketing of ProofPower and application development. During my last few years at ICL I was an ICL Distinguished Engineer.

interests includeLogic Philosophy andformal maths

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If you want to know the purpose of Factasia try here, or What is Factasia?.

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