Download Factasia

I am aiming to make available (through preferably) a CD-ROM which will contain:
  • The entire contents of the Factasia web site.
  • Additional resources not available on the web site for lack of space, e.g. more philosophical classics in HTML.
  • Audio tracks of classical keyboard music rendered in both traditional and modern ways.

This is still some way off, but I propose to keep a record here of the evolving content of the forthcoming Factasia CD-ROM.

If there is anything:

  • you would like to see on it
  • you would like to offer for inclusion on the CD (e.g. your related web site, electronic book,... )
please mail me at

Sorry, this is NOT YET AVAILABLE. It is a long term fantasy (like most things I work on).

However, if you really really want Factasia on CD now, make me an offer for a one-off, unique, collectors item (dated and signed by the author), by email.

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