The Life and Works of Roger Bishop Jones

This material started with me attempting a hypertext CV. This hasn't really got very far. I don't really have much idea what an ordinary CV ought to look like these days (I've worked for one company most of my life), and I'm not looking for a job (which is what they are for isn't it?), and I wasn't really able to feel much interested in the kind of material I could put in a CV.

So I thought about what might be more interesting for me to write about (so that there might just be a faint chance of it being interesting to someone else), and started picking at something which might be called an intellectual autobiography, i.e. a story of what I have thought about, or maybe even written about. This hasn't got very far either, but it has a better chance.

I suspect that the CV will move off the rails and become an unconventional CV, full of the kind of details which noone in their right mind would put in a real CV.

I recently got access to a decent scanner and started scanning in some of my ancient writings. These often hold a place in my affections wholly unrelated to their value to the world at large, and are just the kind of effusions which could only ever have been published on WWW.

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