I bought Barbara a telescope for Christmas, since she has expressed interest and has been impressed by the skies here in the country. It has a computerised control which is supposed to take the pain out of finding the stars, however as is so often the case when computers invade a new field, the software usability leaves something to be desired. Consequently, so far we have not yet mastered the process of alignment which must necessarily be completed before there is any hope that the computer will find the stars. The weather hasn't been too good, cold, wet or cloudy or some combination of all three, as you would expect at this time of year.

We'll get there in the end.

I am reading Tarki's biography which is certainly interesting in parts. Also continuing to work on my account of how we did Z in HOL, which grows fairly well considering that I am not working very intensely, but which still seems a fragile venture of uncertain outcome.

In consideration of the idiocy of attempting much philosophy in a journal I have started another "paper", this time on "metapysical positivism". Why not?

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