I'm uncertain whether a journal is a sensible way of writing for me at this time. Certainly what I have tried to do in my recent entries hasn't worked at all well.

It was a worthwhile little starter for me, and I went off to work elsewhere. On an article on ProofPower which has progressed well by my recent standards at least in respect of word counts. Also tried to start something on metaphysical positivism, but hardly progressed at all. Also a article about my ideas, an attempt to gather together the themes which have interested me over the years with a view deciding which of these themes are worth carrying forward.

There remains the question whether there is any kind of writing for me that would be best done in a journal. I shall have to wait and see.

I was struggling to make something of Iris Murdoch, and this I did not continue anywhere else (but perhaps in my head). I have today take a couple of her books from the local library. The Black Prince, which maybe I shall get on with. Metaphysics as a guide to morals, which maybe I won't. I had a look at the latter before, and made little of it. I don't think there is much hope that I will understand this one, even though I am teasing away at my conception of metaphysics trying for a broader conception of its nature and value than I have previously enterrained, even to the extent of taking up "metaphysical positivism". Actually the extent of broadening in my conception of metaphysics to persuade me to adopt that tag is miniscule by comparison which what I suspect would be necessary to comprehend Murdoch. After all, posisitivism is historically about as unsympathetic to metaphisics as one could possibly be, There must be a huge amount of ground intermediate between a radical positivism and the platonistic existentialism of Murdoch.

Its a grey wet day and I can't stay long here. I have to sort out this think about ProofPower, which is beginning to feel like an impediment to doing some philosophy, now that I have my new sense of impending liberation in philosophical writing.

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