RbJ's Online Journals - 96/06/10

Well, here I am, thinking about how to get this Web space moving along. Its just all taking too long. So to get things moving I'm just going to make the most of where I've been. A bit less originality for now and some heritage instead. So first I'm just trawling through my previous writings and scanning them in and editing them up. Thinking about how they fit in with and contribute to what I am trying to do now.

Also I've been thinking about the kinds of writing I have done in the past to see whether I can bring some of the past fluency forward to the present. This is one of them. I did used to keep a journal when I was younger, and there is no doubt that keeping a journal is a very freewheeling kind of thing. The words just flow out in a less inhibited way than any other form of writing I know, execept maybe letter writing, which I also did a good bit of. So here it is. A journal once more, to see whether that form of writing can come up with anything which I can value today.

Over most of the past ten years I have done little writing, but I have given presentations fairly frequently. I have presented many ideas which have never been written up in any more concrete way than as bullets and slides. So I am probably better at making a presentation hang together than any other form of writing at present.

Alongside these two other examples of things which I have done with some facility in the past I thought also about a 'column'. Since that's the kind of small scale regular writing that a writer might do to fill in between larger works. And maybe a column could add pace and character toa web space. So right now I'm thinking in terms of four kinds of writing.

The first, and probably the 'lowest' form is this newly started online journal.

The second is the column. This is a factastic column with a format like an informal presentation. Not entirely lacking in structure but chatted over in a very informal way. So there is a hierarchic slide-of-bullets structure which would have gone on the OHP in real life, but on the web all that comes with it has to go in the document as well.

Those two are the most dynamic parts of the writing. Then there are the retrospective and current structures, the large scale factasies in progress.

The retrospective part is just me making the most of what I did before the web ever arrived. Scanning it in, editing, structuring and putting some interpretation and context around it.

And then the large scale work under development.

Good ideas may start in the journal, progress to the column and end up in the grand opus. The dross will appear in the journals and never move on.

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