RBJ Journals - 2008-06
Tuesday 1st

Sunday the village was awash with people (art exhibition, scarecrow competition and treasure hunt, lots of children), and my head was completely pushed off the book. Only now am I beginning to think in the right direction again. but I'm afraid the project doesn't feel real right now.

I'm very aware now that for the kind of project I have in mind I have to be in a very positive mood to write, so I am wondering how to get myself back up there.

I'm thinking at present that I will have to be writing on the book topics for the web site in XML in parallel with writing for the book. Perhaps try topics out first in XML and then rewrite for the book. I want to get myself to be writing continuously even when I don't feel that I am in a position to write material for the book.

I'm thinking of staring with the bottom (personal philosophy) and the top (political) together, mixing western and eastern perspectives, in which the western is basically me and the eastern Tao,

As the evening draws on I realise that I haven't really got a clue how to write this book. What little I write isn't good enough. I need to be in a better place (never mind whether what I have to say is worthwhile) to write this stuff. And I think I have to just write a lot until this starts coming out sounding right.

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