DA1preliminaries and apologies
DA2philosophical method and language
DA3not primarily interested in the meanings of words
DA4the need to make contingent premises explicit
DA5the core of philosophy is logic
DA6philosophy as a deductive enterprise
DA7licence for unbridled speculation
DA8free-will and liberty
DA9the meaning of 'freedom'
DA10degrees and kinds of freedom
DA11degrees and kinds of constraint
DA12on defining freedom
DA13freedom and the law
DA14classification of freedoms by applicable sanction
DA15distinguishing philosophy from science
DA16political philosophy as armchair science or as linguistics
DA17on the unpredictability of people
DA18the assumption of unpredictability
DA19consequences of unpredictability
DA20implications of unpredictability for anarchism
DA21the assumption of less than total unpredictability
Lecturer's annotations
My notes

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