Roger Jones CV 1977-

Mainframe Microcode Development

07/77 - 09/81Establishment of 1900 based microcode load route for 2950 processors.
Conversion of OPER (operators video console) handling microcode from 2960 microcode to 2950 microcode.
Design and implementation of 2900 LP handling microcode. (emulating 1900 LP)
Extension of LP package to cover Card Readers and Card Punches.
Fitting back 2950 slow device handling microcode to 2960 (release 3)
Design work on CME systems. (initially for 2960 dual processor CME VME/B v G3, finally 2955 single VME/K v Operators executive).
Team Leader (peripherals) CME Release A0.
Designer. CME Release A0 Magnetic Tape Cluster sharing system.
Integration and Validation Liason (CME Release A0)
Designer/Implementor, 1900 Executive enhancements for CME Release A0
Team Leader, (Peripherals) DME/CME convergence (Release 6A 2950/55/56)
Team Leader, release 2A CME 2966, release 6B 2950/55/56
09/81 - 06/82Project Manager releases 6B 2950/55/56, 2B 2966 and release 3 2966.
07/82 - 10/82Manager, CME* for DM1 (later called 3930) (1900 microcode).
09/82 - 10/82Designer/Consultant, special emulation study for alien processor on 2966.

Knowledge Engineering

11/82 - 12/83Principal Consultant, Consultancy and Training Services working in 'Expert Systems'.

Relational Database software Development

01/84 - 05/84Designer Querymaster 250
06/84 - 03/85Manager, Querymaster Design Unit
04/85 - 01/86Manager, Relational and Planning Systems Architectural Unit

Formal Methods and Secure Systems

01/86 - 12/87 System Consultant, Defence Technology Centre, Working in the application of formal methods, particularly to modelling secure computer systems.
01/88 - 06/95 Team leader, formal methods team (later, Manager, High Assurance Team)

Distributed OO Application Development

06/95 - 01/96Technical Liason between ICL PATHWAY and Escher Group
02/96 - Leader of "Advanced Development Team" mainly working on a ditributed OO application for the Patent Office

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