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Supplementary Notes
These are really clues for me when I am digging into my past scribblings.
email addresses

I first obtained access to the internet in 1986 at that time from my work at ICL. My first web site was hosted by ICL at Winnersh, England, and was made visible outside ICL via an ICL server in Finland. This would have been 1994 My first independent access from home was through demon, with whom I had the subdomain campion.demon.co.uk. In 1995 I then used cybercom.net while working for 6 months in Boston USA and later purchased the domain rbjones.com.

  • rbj at win.icl.co.uk
  • rbj at campion.demon.co.uk
  • rbjones at rbjones dot com
  • rbj at rbjones dot com (current address)
  • rbjnews at rbjones dot com
  • rbj01 at rbjones dot com
Web site addresses

These URL's are hyperlinked to WayBack, except for the first. The ICL site is on wayback, but not my part of it, which pre-dates Wayback.

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