Value Net

Value-net is the name for the electronic marketplace in Factasia, which has evolved from today's capitalist global markets.

The single most important feature of this marketplace is that money and commodities are no longer seen as ends in themselves but only as means towards other ends. These other ends, which are the raison d'être of this economic system, are found in diverse value systems supported by the value-net. The source of the values is the individuals who purchase in the market, and who participate both as customers and as suppliers in their professional lives.

This change in predominant purpose has resulted in a shift in the balance of entities participating in the market. Today the market is dominated by a combination of private individuals seeking best value commodities and services, and public limited corporations whose ultimate purpose is to deliver financial rewards to their shareholders.

In Factasia most participants in the market are either individuals, who use their purchasing power as much to influence others as to procure goods and services, and non-profit organisations buying into well considered value systems and performing a role in promoting those values. A new kind of non-profit corporation called a Value Agent has supplanted the Public Limited Corporation.

The Emergence of Value-NetWhat is a Value-Agent?

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