Ethical Anarchism

Anarchy with a hint of Zen

Anarchism as a political doctrine is the view that the state (i.e. government and its apparatus) is oppressive and unnecessary and should be abolished. In its more enlightened forms the philosophy of anarchism is not about violent overthrow of government, but about how communities can work harmoniously without the use of violence, oppression or compulsion. The core idea is that neither individuals, groups of individuals nor instututions of any kind should oppress others by seeking to impose their will upon them, and that such oppression is always a force for evil rather than for good.
ethical anarchism
Ethical anarchism is the central core of The Factasia Value System. It generalises the anti-oppressive theme of anarchism from its application to relations between state and individual to relations between individuals and groups at all levels and for whatever purpose. The doctrine is presented in a positive light as an advocacy of supportive and harmonious relations. Applied to relations between an individual and himself it shares aspects of Zen or Tao.

Dimensions of Anarchy

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