1. Introduction

This ``book'' contains notes on some of my ideas, and on the themes which tie them together. Ideas which go places are usually collected together in substantial pieces of work and documented as such, but many of my ideas do no more than provide a fragment of the lens through which I peer upon the world.

I have adopted both a thematic and chronological presentation in the first two parts of the book, with various supplementary materials provided in a third part.

As it stands the material includes what now seems to me extraneous autobiographical material, which I expect to remove.

I offer no warranty that ideas presented here as if they were my own, really are my own ideas. I do not wilfully present as my own ideas which I know came to me from some other, but I do not pretend to remember the source of everything which I learn, or the sources which contribute to my own innovations. An idea, when its time has come, will occur in many thinkers at once.

Roger Bishop Jones 2016-01-07