Positive Philosophy and The Automation of Reason - the Book
I am at present working towards a book intended for publication as a print on demand paperback provisionally entitled "Positive Philosophy and The Automation of Reason".

This section provide access to drafts of the book in various forms and to other related materials.
Presentations of The Book

Drafts of the book are available online as HTML and A4 two column PDF. The finished book will be published (print on demand) as a 8" x 5.25" single column paperback. A link for buying the book from Amazon will be included if and when it appears. Of course, the material is copyright. You may read the HTML drafts online, or download the PDF to read, but you may not redistribute in any way.

If you want to discuss any aspect of this work in progress, then you may contact me directly by email (rbj at rbjones.com). Alternatively, if you want to post to a public forum (e.g. a mailing list or a group) on any matter connected with this work, then if you copy me I may respond either privately or in the forum.

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