Factasy Seminal - 97/3/2

This week the site restructuring ideas have been extended from the netlink resource pages across the rest of the site.

I now think of the site as three different areas, each with its own characteristic colour.
The Thematic area
This is what Factasia is really about. It is purposive and thematic, multidisciplinary themes which defy taxonomy. Also involves multiple content-sharing perspectives.
The Content Lattice
The "content lattice" is a taxonomic view of the content of Factasia, which provides a more or less arbitrary cannonical placement of all the material in Factasia. This is partly to support physical placement of material, but mostly to give a way of navigating content which is more familiar than the relative anarchy of the thematic threads.
The Resource Lattice
This is a taxonomic resource for access to resources at other web sites which parallels the structure used in the Factasia content lattice.

This programme is partly implemented, fairly well progressed in the resource pages, not much progressed elsewhere.

I have rewritten the front page showing three corresponding routes through factasia, and also replaced the previous netlink frame with a resource frame and a content frame

All this is part of an increased concern with the coherence of the Factasia site, which I have never given much attention until recently, and with various kinds of transparency which I am now looking for:

  1. Navigational Transparancy
  2. Structural transparency
  3. Purposive and thematic transparency
  4. Strategic and tactical transparency
The idea is to make it much more obvious what Factasia is about, where it is going, and how it intends to get there.

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