Factasy Seminal - 1997/04/06

Russell and Wittgenstein
The OpenHeart Philosophy designation of Wittgenstein as anti-Christ generates more correspondence than the rest of the site put together (which is not saying much) so I am thinking of putting in a page on Russell and Wittgenstein containing lots of quotes from Russell writing about Wittgenstein.

I'm also seriously contemplating a discussion of Wittgenstein's Tractatus from the perspective of Factasia's Philosophical Logicism.

Contents Listings
In deference to readers' (yes, more than one) opinions about how easy it is to find out what there is in Factasia, I spent most of my available time this week writing PERL scripts to generate comprehensive content listings. (hierarchic, top-three-levels, directories)
Unfortunately this exposes a lot of dross which I was keeping hidden away, so before long I shall suffer compulsions to tidy it all up.

Finally got back to values and filled in the Dimensions of Anarchy page.

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