Factasy Seminal - 1997/04/13

Russell and Wittgenstein
I drafted a Russell v. Wittgenstein - Battle of the Giants page, for the sake of controversy, with a page of quotations from Russell on Wittgenstein. I also started work on a commentary on Wittgenstien's Tractatus.

I then concluded that I would have to write my own Factasian Tractatus, and am seriously contemplating running a Write-a-Tractatus competition, for students of philosophy and other eccentrics.

I received an invitation from iBS to participate in the initial beta test of their Partnership Programme. This tipped me over the edge after months of prevarication since I linked my bibliography into Amazon earlier this year and then decided not to become an associate just yet.

So I became an iBS partner and an Amazon.com associate, and blew the rest of my creative time for the week with the necessary changes to the Factasia web site.

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