Factasy Seminal - 1997/04/27

Ancient Writings
Typed in four more fragmentary undergrad philosophy essays on status of logical principles, determinism, mind-brain identity, and appeals to ordinary language.

I'm obviously getting inured to the cringe factor of reading my ancient and immature works, because now I'm getting to the end of plundering undergrad essays I'm thinking of trying to write up all the work on the foundations of mathematics I've done over the last 25 years.

First stats from Amazon showed my estimates on hit rates to be out by a factor of 10 (on the wrong side). This had the salutory effect of making me return to thinking about philosophy!

(Good stats are bad for writing, I get obsessed with the growth rates. When the stats turn down I say "what the hell" and get on with something interesting)

Top100 and Kant
Having tinkered round with my PERL scripts to generate the Top100 listing I have felt obliged to upgrade my conversion of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason. Originally this was a pig to convert because the structure is complex and (especially in the available electronic text of the Meiklejohn translation) somewhat irregular. The single level content listing was a bit of a mess. My motivation to improve this was sapped by the availability of the superior Kemp Smith translation at CUHK. The Top100 listing told me that this month my crappy conversion of Kant is taking more traffic than any of the other hypertext classics, so I finally cleaned up the act a bit.

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