Factasy Seminal - 1997/05/04

This week and next, even less new material than usual. I have other fish to fry right now.
Ancient Writings
I've started filling in the posthumous introductions to the undergraduate essays (ontology intro). When I've done the rest I'll try wrapping the whole thing in a bow and moving my autobiographical dredger on to my past work on The Foundations of Mathematics.
Amazing! Last week I "sold" my first book: a copy of Principia Mathematica to *56! (thankyou, whoever it was) That really chuffed me, I never would have expected Principia to be the first sale. I'm slowly expanding the logic section of the bookstore, and plotting in my head how to integrate the bookselling into some real content in the logic area.
I'm not yet done tinkering with PERL to get more informative site stats. The one more thing I want is to aggregate the monthly hits for each directory and put that in the directory listing.

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