Factasy - "what if" for strategy formulation

I searched for the word "factasy" on the Web this morning (96/3/24 using Alta Vista) Found one occurrence on a Web page and none in usenet. I wrote to the owner of the Web page to discover if it was a typo, and if not, what it was intended to mean, and if there were any precedents.

Anyway the usage I propose is:

Factasy - a genre which treads the line between fact and fantasy


Later that day I got a response. The page owner thought it was a typo (evidently he didn't actually write it, but it sounds like he talked to the guy who did).

So what does it take to establish a new genre?

I started to check out the newsgroups to see if I could find one where a discussion of factasy would be sensible. I havn't really found the place yet.

I found alt.shared-reality.?.

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