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This web site is full of my experiments with writing and editing for the World Wide Web. This includes the beginnings of my experiment with a new genre, Factasy, and the name Factasia reflects my desire to turn the whole site into a work of factasy.

I havn't figured out what I want to do with this page yet, but meanwhile here are a few fragments of material which I have written about writing, particularly for this medium.

The Factasia Page Style Gallery Factasia contains many different page styles. This page is a sampler, it might be useful as a source of ideas on how to lay things out.
Tools and Techniques used to develop the Factasia web site You can easily spend forever getting all the high-tech widgets and learning how to use them. But then you won't have much time for writing. This page is about my own compromise.
The Factasia Gif Gallery This is a one page jumble of some of the 260+ images which have been used in Factasia. Linked to relevant pages of Factasia for random browsing.
Premonitions of Factasia This is an incomplete attempt to tell the story of how I decided to create Factasia. It contains links to most of the other fragments of material about writing which were written before that point.
The Factasy Column I tried to persuade myself to write a regular column, but so far have produced very few examples, mostly pretty unlike any column I've ever seen.

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