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The Future net links

General Future Resources
The Future of the Future - at HotWired
New Civilization Network- Exploring emerging new qualities of life on Planet Earth.
World Transformation - The overall theme here is to make the world a better place, to see things in a positive light, to stand up for one's rights, to pursue self-improvement and greater freedom, to have fun and to learn new things about life, the universe and everything.
Utopia on the Internet - a listing of web sites with content on the subject of Utopia.
Model Earth - Designing the Future of the Earth Collaboratively.
WFS Greater Boston Chapter - Lots of futurist links. The World Future Society unites people interested in future studies.
Links on Future Development - at Principia Cybernetica
Prophecy - A.k.a. futurology. Bunk, of course - see Popper - but there's a damn lot of it.
Laboratoire du Futur - a French think tank?
Universal Transparency - the transparent society

Nanotechnology Brief introduction and lots of links at Xerox corporation.
The Foresight Institute Founded and chaired by Erik Drexler, Foresight focuses its efforts upon nanotechnology, the coming ability to build materials and products with atomic precision, and upon systems that will enhance knowledge exchange and critical discussion, thus improving public and private policy decisions.
Institute for Molecular Manufacturing An Institute, (also associated with Erik Drexler), "to carry out research aimed at developing molecular manufacturing".
Zyvex The first molecular nanotechnology development company. Zyvex's mission is to develop the first assembler, as defined by Erik Drexler in his book, Nanosystems.

Anders Sandberg's Transhuman Page Transhumanism is a philosophy that humanity can, and should, strive to higher levels, both physically, mentally and socially.

Society, Cyberspace and the Future How Can New Interactive Communication Technology Enhance Harmonious and Functional Communities at all Scales Worldwide?
The Restructuring of America - A futurist projection by William Merwin
The home page of vision center framtidsbygge -

Teledemocracy Action News Network - the web site of the Global Democracy Movement.

Far Out Futures
THE FUTURE: stages in future evolution - at The Hub. Really far out - is 70 million years far enough for you?
Signposts - for the next 600 years, by S.C. Summers

Scenario Planning
Scenario Planning at Idon Associates - the best description of scenario planning I have found on the net.
How to Build Scenarios - colourful pictures from HotWired
What is Scenario Planning? - IDEA, Simon Frazer University
Scenario Planning at SRI - SRI consulting believes that scenarios are a valuable and underutilised asset
GBN Scenarios - Scenario planning at Global Business Network (Peter Swartz's business think tank.)
Brand and Market Scenario Planning - at Through the Loop.
Two Scenarios for 21st Century Organizations - from the MIT Scenario Working Group, Sloan School of Management.
Future Mapping - a unique, scenario-based planning discipline from NorthWest Consulting Resources.

Futurism - the movement
Futurism - links to materials on the futurist movement from ~shalizi
The Futurist Manifesto - by F. T. Marinetti, 1909.
The Manifesto of the Futurist Programmers - inspired by the italian futurist painter Umberto Boccioni.

Individual Futurists
Glen Hiemstra - at futurist.com. "The future is not something which just happens to us. The future is something we do. And it all starts with our image of the future." Good site, solid content.
Alvin Toffler - links at Yahoo to material about the author of Future Shock
Roger E. Herman - business futurist Roger Herman delivers forecasts, perspectives, and insights on workforce, workplace, and workstyle issues to help his audiences plan for the future.
Steve Talbott - neo-luddite editor of the Netfuture newletter
Watts Wacker - resident futurist at SRI consulting, interviewed by HotWired
Dr. Tommorrow - Frank Ogden. According to MTV "provides mind food for people on the cutting edge... He's technologically sound... Intellectually challenging... and...he's fun!". mmm.

Global Priorities Project -
Frontier Organizations on the Web - Sasha Chislenko's list of organizations engaged in various things advanced and frontierish. (This means grand-scale futurism, philosophy, personal and social liberation, and advanced technology).
What we do - the Institute For The Future
RFF - Resources for the Future
Plausible Futures - a network devoted to the study of the future?
The Foundation for Conscious Evolution - has arisen in response to the unprecedented potential of humanity to destroy this world or to co-create a future of immeasurable possibilities.

Academic Research
Inventing the Organizations of the 21st Century - Research at the MIT Sloan School of Management

The Singularity
The Singularity - by Vernor Vinge - a story about the imminent apocalyptic emergence of superhuman intelligence and the subsequent subservience of humanity.
SuperIntelligence - What is superintelligence? Is it incomprehensibly different, or just more of the same? What is the likely behavior of a superintelligence? How might an SI come about?
The Singularity - by Anders Sandberg - The Techno-Rapture. A black hole in the Extropian worldview whose gravity is so intense that no light can be shed on what lies beyond it.
Staring Into The Singularity - A dramatic, original essay by Eliezer S. Yudkowsky about what the Singularity means.
Surviving the Singularity - Steve Alan Edwards interviews transhumanists about life after The Singularity.

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