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Notes by RBJ on

Philosophy of Logic

by Willard Van Orman Quine

Meaning and Truth
Objection to propositions; Propositions as information; Diffuseness of empirical meaning; Propositions dismissed; Truth and semantic assent; Tokens and eternal sentences.
Grammar by recursion, Categories; Immanence and transcendence; Grammarian's goal reexamined; Logical grammar; Redundant devices; Names and functors; Lexicon, particle and name; Criterion of Lexicon; Time, events, adverbs; Attitudes and modality.
Truth and satisfaction; Satisfaction by sequences; Tarski's definition of truth; Paradox in the object language; Resolution in set theory.
Logical Truth
In terms of structure; In terms of substitution; In terms of models; Adequacy of substitution; Saving on sets; In terms of proof; In terms of grammar.
The Scope of Logic
Affinities of identity; Identity reduced; Set theory; Set theory in sheep's clothing; Logic in wolf's clothing; Scope of the virtual theory; Simulated class quantification; Other simulated quantification; Annexes
Deviant Logics
Change of logic; change of subject; Logic in translation; Law of excluded middle; Debate about the dichotomy; Intuitionism; Branched quantifiers; Substitutional quantification; Its strength
The Ground of Logical Truth
The semblance of a theory; An untenable dualism; The place of logic.

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