Index for Chapter XXVII

Of Identity and Diversity

1. Wherein identity consists.
2. Identity of substances.
3. Principium Individuationis.
4. Identity of vegetables.
5. Identity of animals.
6. The identity of man.
7. Idea of identity suited to the idea it is applied to.
8. Same man.
9. Personal identity.
10. Consciousness makes personal identity.
11. Personal identity in change of substance.
12. Personality in change of substance.
13. Whether in change of thinking substances there can be one person.
14. Whether, the same immaterial substance remaining, there can be two persons.
15. The body, as well as the soul, goes to the making of a man.
16. Consciousness alone unites actions into the same person.
17. Self depends on consciousness, not on substance.
18. Persons, not substances, the objects of reward and punishment.
19. Which shows wherein personal identity consists.
20. Absolute oblivion separates what is thus forgotten from the person, but not from the man.
21. Difference between identity of man and of person.
22. But is not a man drunk and sober the same person?
23. Consciousness alone unites remote existences into one person.
24. Not the substance with which the consciousness may be united.
25. Consciousness unites substances, material or spiritual, with the same personality.
26. "Person" a forensic term.
27. Suppositions that look strange are pardonable in our ignorance.
28. The difficulty from ill use of names.
29. Continuance of that which we have made to he our complex idea of man makes the same man.

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