Increasingly close scrutiny by proliferating consumer groups forces businesses to be much more aware of how their business purposes and methods are perceived by consumers.
Diverse Purposes
Companies, increasingly judged by their customers on the basis of the values they promote and the purposes they pursue, become embarrassed by their constitutional obligations to deliver profits to shareholders. The economic significance of non-profit corporations increases.
Employment Contracts
The employer/employee relationships evolve rapidly and become more diverse and in many cases more like the inter-company relationships. A larger proportion of individuals prefer to operate their own virtual corporations.
Payback Marketing
Consumers, increasingly aware of the proportion of purchase price which is accounted for by marketing and distribution costs, increasingly judge products by the social and other side effects of the marketing spend. Sponsorship becomes more significant, but must be judge not in terms of the exposure it generates but in terms of its contribution to a companies purposes.


To understand how business operates in Factasia you must understand how the marketplace has evolved into Value Net, and then understand how businesses operate in that marketplace.

Businesses in Factasia are mainly conducted using a new kind of corporate entity called a Value Agent.

Some background about current trends which ultimately will lead to this new business environment can be found in From Heirarchy to Web. This is just a stop gap, I intend to do a proper Factastic Future Engineering job looking past, present and future, at the business end of Factasia.
The Factasia Business Model

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