The Analytic Superbrain
How to Build it
Start with a formal foundation system, (e.g. HOST). Implement it following the LCF paradigm, with heritage gateways. Build on this foundation pure and applied mathematics and the theory and practice of programming, coding up all the best systematic methods in a semantically transparent metalanguage semantically embedded into the HOST object language.
The knowledge base and the problem solving capability are distributed through secure protocols which support trusted sub-problem contracting with economic microtransactions, permitting the power of the global network to be focussed on high value problem solutions.
What is it?
Computer Mediated Communications..
..enable people to work together across the globe, enhancing the cultural "superbrain" which has been developing for thousands of years.
The Knowledge Hyperstore..
..emerges as WWW becomes better adapted to storing information in forms intelligible to computers.
Hyper-rational Intelligence
The global network shares computational as well as information resources and transits to working from problem specifications rather than processing prescriptions. It becomes a distributed intelligent deductive agency, knowing well the difference between certain knowledge, conjecture and information.
How to Exploit it
Deskilling Mathematical Applications
The Global Superbrain will contribute to the deskilling of engineering design and other applications of mathematics by automating most applications of mathematics.
Work, Learn, Play
The same intelligent mathematical modelling capabilities will support us all in our work and as we learn. "Edutainment" software will benefit from improved realism supported by mathematical modelling, and will provide an important element of the economic stimulus to achieve and exploit the superbrain.
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