Philosophy and The Analytic Superbrain
How to Build it
The analytic/synthetic dichotomy is of fundamental importance to the engineering of the global superbrain.

Philosophy of Logic
The formalisation of analyticity depends upon the fact that analytic truths can nearly all be derived within a single coherent logical system (e.g. HOST).

Philosophy of Mathematics
That mathematics is analytic and can therefore all be encompassed within the same logical system is essential to the value of a hyper-rational superbrain.
What is it?
At the core of this vision of the global superbrain is a distributed hyper-rational intelligent artefact.
Horses for Courses
The value-neutral superbrain is engineering logic and artificial intelligence applied to crisp problems with verifiable solutions. People set the course, determine the objectives, ask the questions. They provide the value systems which determine what problems the superbrain is set to solve and whether the solutions are ever used in the real world.
Involves the separation of analytic content as all that is FAcTual. It is a development of Hume's position which emphasises the benefits of a narrow conception of truth and a pragmatic attitude toward dealing effectively with our material environment.
How to Exploit it
Philosophy of Science, Engineering, Politics and Economics may have something to contribute here.
Philosophy of Science
Science creates mathematical models of our world. These models need not be perfect, mutually consistent or FAcTual.
Engineering Methods
Engineers apply these mathematical models to change the world. The superbrain will de-skill engineering mathematics, and transform engineering methods.
Politics and Economics
The economic and political opportunities provided by Global Superbrain must be understood, both for exploitation and to provide the conditions for its creation.

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