In the 20th century capitalism routed communism. In the 21st century market dynamics will take us beyond capitalism.
Quality of Life
Markets will continue to evolve as consumers become more aware of what affects their quality of life and of how economic influences impact upon them. Consumers learn how to use their purchase decisions to secure environmental, social and other effects.
Value Net
Driven by the need to market themselves and their products to increasingly sophisticated and demanding consumers, companies invert their priorities, identifying themselves with non-financial objectives to which financial goals are subordinate. Increasingly, purchase decisions consciously reflect the desire to secure side effects rather than direct benefits (e.g. chosing a supplier with better environmental credentials).
Information Wars
The tendency to monopoly in information industries, exemplified first by "Big Blue" IBM and then by Microsoft causes major difficulties in defining let alone securing "free" markets. Radical changes to the regulation of markets and the definition of "fair trading" prove necessary.


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