The Next Logical Revolution

The next logical revolution will be the practical assimilation of mathematics and computation into logic. This is initially just a change of perspective on networked computing, but evolves eventually into mathematically and logically intelligent systems.
from Values to Propositions
...or from filestore to knowledge base. This is the first stage in making information on the network more generally intelligible to the computers themselves extending the potential for the network to exploit the information intelligently.
from Computation to Deduction
Deduction is the natural way to think of computations which start from propositions rather than data and yield new propositions. Correctness of computation from this perspective becomes soundnes of deduction.
A Trivial Solution
This change of perspective can be achieved in trivial ways. Each value can be percieved as a definition, a simple equation giving a name to the value. Computations yield new definitions and are sound primarily because their conclusions lack logical content.
The revolution lies in the evolution in logical content, structure and function which follows.
Extending Logical Content
Evolving Logical Structure

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