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Bibliography on Formalised Mathematics

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[anl-new-results] {Argonne National Laboratories} (1995) A summary of new results in mathematics obtained with Argonne's automated deduction software.
Unpublished; available on the Web as http://www.mcs.anl.gov/home/mccune/ar/new_results/.

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Translated from the Russian by Eric J.F. Primrose.

[arthan-undefinedness] Arthan, R. D. (1996) Undefinedness in Z: Issues for specification and proof.
In Kerber, M. (ed.), CADE-13 Workshop on Mechanization of Partial Functions.
Available on the Web as \verb+ftp://ftp.cs.bham.ac.uk/pub/authors/M.Kerber/96-CADE-WS/Arthan.ps.gz+ .

[beckert-posegga] Beckert, B. and Posegga, J. (1995) leanT AP: Lean, tableau-based deduction.
Journal of Automated Reasoning, 15, 339--358.
This is also available on the Web from http://i12www.ira.uka.de/ posegga/LeanTaP.ps.Z.

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Author's PhD thesis.

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Author's PhD thesis.

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The papers in this volume were first published in the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society, Series A, vol. 312, 1984.

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See also

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