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Peter Aczel

  • Mathematical Tools for the Semantics of natural and formal languages
  • Philosophy and Foundations of Mathematics and Computing
  • Mathematical Models of Concurrent Processes
  • Computer Assisted Development of formal proofs
  • Mathematical Logic
  • Categorical Logic
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Andrew W. Appel

Compilers. Standard ML. books by Andrew Appel
[Appel97a] Modern Compiler Implementation in ML : Basic Techniques
Cambridge University Press 1997

Rob Arthan

Formal Methods. Mechanised theorem proving. ProofPower. Home Page

Bruce Aune

Philosopher. Empiricist. Life and Works
[Aune2008] An Empiricst Theory of Knowledge; Online only at hist-analytic.org. Online Text Notes

John Langton Austin

Philosopher. A leading light of the Oxford "revolution" in philosophy. Linguistic or connective analysis. Life and Works
[Austin57] A Please for Excuses; Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, 1956-7. Also in [Austin61]. Notes
[Austin61] Philosophical Papers; Oxford University Press, third edition 1979
[Austin62a] Sense and Sensibilia; Oxford University Press, 1962 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Austin62b] How to Do Things with Words; Oxford University Press 1962, Harvard University Press 1975 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Alfred J.Ayer

Analytic Philosophy. Leading British Logical Positivist quote books by Alfred Ayer
[Ayer36] Language Truth and Logic; Dover 1946 ; purchase from amazon Penguin 1990: purchase from ibs Notes
[Ayer40] The Foundations of Empirical Knowledge; Paperman 1964; purchase from ibs
[Ayer56] The Problem of Knowledge; Penguin 1990 purchase from ibs
[Ayer59] Logical Positivism; Classic papers, edited by and with an introduction by Ayer. The Free Press, Simon& Schuster 1959 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Ayer73] The Central Questions of Philosophy; Penguin 1991 purchase from ibs

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