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Roland Backhouse

Mathematics of program construction. Calculus of relations. Category theory. Mathematical method. Generic programming. On-line document preparation systems oriented to the needs of authors of mathematical documents. Home Page

Francis Bacon Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy - B

[Bacon25] Bacon, Francis;
Essays; Wordsworth Editions Limited, 1997 purchase from ibs Prometheus Books 1995 purchase from amazon

John Baez

Physicist.. Home Page

Henk Barendregt Home Page

[Barenderegt83] Barendregt, Henk P., Rezus, Adrian;
Semantics for classical AUTOMATH and related systems.; Information and Control, 59(1-3):127-147, October/November/December 1983. [hbp Reference in context]
[Barenderegt84] Barendregt, H.P.;
The Lambda Calculus - Its Syntax and Semantics; Second Edition, North Holland 1984 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Barenderegt91] Barendregt, Henk P.;
Introduction to generalized type systemsnotes.; Journal of Functional Programming, 1(2):125-154, April 1991. [hbp Reference in context]

Bruno Barras

Type theory, Metatheory, Functional programming, Program extraction, Bootstrap, Reduction functions Home Page
[BarrasSCCS] Sets in Coq, Coq in Sets Online Text

Jon Barwise

Logic and its applications in cognitive science, philosophy, and computer science. Home Page
[Barwise87] The Liar (with John Etchemendy)
Oxford University Press 1987
purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Barwise92] The Language of First Order Logic (with John Etchemendy)
CSLI Lecture Notes Number 34, CLSI/SRI 1992; ISBN 0-9370-7390-3
purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Michael Beeson

Logic and the metamathematics of constructive mathematics. Home Page
[Beeson80] Foundations of Constructive Mathematics Springer-Verlag 1980 purchase from amazon Notes

Paul Benacerraf

[Benacerraf83] Benacerraf, Paul; Putnam, Hilary (Eds);
Philosophy of Mathematics, second edition; Cambridge University Press 1983; purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Isaiah Berlin

History of ideas, political philosophy. Home Page Notes
[Berlin78] Russian Thinkers, Penguin Books, 1994. purchase from amazon Notes
[Berlin79] Against the Current - Essays in the History of Ideas, Clarendon Paperbacks, 1979. purchase from amazon Notes
[Berlin90] The Crooked Timber of Humanity - Chapters in the History of Ideas, John Murray (publishing) Ltd., 1990. purchase from amazon Notes
[Berlin02] Freedom and its Betrayal - Six Enemies of Human Liberty, Chatto & Windus, 2002. purchase from amazon Notes
[Berlin1999] The Roots of Romanticism - The A.W. Mellon Lectures in the Fine Arts, 1965, Edited by Henry Hardy, Pimlico, 1999. purchase from amazon Notes
[Berlin2004] Liberty, Edited by Henry Hardy. This includes his "Four Essays on Liberty" and various other writings on the same topic, Oxford University Press, 2004. purchase from amazon Notes
[Berlin2006] Political Ideas in the Romantic Age - Their Rise and Influence on Modern Thought, Edited by Henry Hardy with and introduction by Joshua L. Cherniss, the long (but incomplete) version of the 1952 Flexnor Lectures, Chatto & Windus, 2006. purchase from amazon Notes

Tim Berners-Lee

Inventor of the World Wide Web and enthusiast for the Semantic Web  
  Design Issues - concerning the web Online Documents

Errett Bishop

[Bishop67] Bishop, Errett;
Foundations of Constructive Analysis; McGraw Hill 1967; (out of print)
[Bishop85] Bishop, Errett; Bridges, Douglas;
Constructive Analysis; Springer-Verlag 1985 ISBN 3 540 150668; ISBN 0 387 150668 Notes

Dines Björner

Formal Methods. VDM. Railway software. Home Page
  Triptych - a Programming Methodology Project Online Documents

Howard K. Bloom

Founder of the International Paleopsychology Project and executive editor of Mindfire. Leader of the "Group Selection Squad" (a worldwide team of 45 scientists dedicated to opening new horizons within the evolutionary disciplines), and a board member of the Epic of Evolution Society. Home Page
[Bloom1997]The Lucifer Principle: a scientific expedition into the forces of history; Atlantic, 1997 ; TV series proposal Online chapters purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Bloom2000]Global Brain: The Evolution of Mass Mind from the Big Bang to the Twenty First Century John Wiley & Sons 2000. See also: Global Brain YahooGroup Online serialisation purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
 Re-inventing Capitalism (web page)  
 Big Bang Tango Media Lab (web page)  

Hans Boehm

Exact computation with reals (inter alia). Home Page

Margaret A. Boden

[Boden90] Boden, Margaret A. (Ed.);
The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence; Oxford University Press 1990 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

George Boolos

[Boolos74] Boolos, George S.; Jeffrey, Richard C.;
Computability and Logic; Cambridge University Press 1974 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Boolos90] Boolos, George S.(Ed.);
Meaning and Method: Essays in Honour of Hilary Putnam; Cambridge University Press 1990 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Boolos90b] Boolos, George S.;
The Standard of Equality of Numbers; in [Boolos90];
[Boolos93] Boolos, George S.;
The Logic of Provability; Cambridge University Press 1993 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs
[Boolos97] Boolos, George S.;
Is Hume's Principle Analytic?; in [Boolos98];
[Boolos98] Boolos, George S.;
Logic, Logic and Logic; Harvard University Press 1998 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Nick Bostron

Physics, computational neuroscience, mathematical logic, philosophy, AI and some psychology. Home Page

Howard Bowman

Theory of Formal Methods, Application of Formal Methods and Concurrency Theory. Exotic Applications of Formal Methods Home Page

Raymond Bradley

[Bradley79] Bradley, Raymond; Swartz, Norman;
Possible Worlds an introduction to Logic and its Philosophy; Hackett 1979; purchase from amazon

Vasco Brattka

Recursive and computable operations of topological spaces (including reals). Home Page

Douglas Bridges

[Bridges87] Bridges, Douglas; Richman, Fred;
Varieties of Constructive Mathematics; LMS Lecture Note Series 97, Cambridge University Press 1987 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs

Keith Briggs

XR, Exact computation with reals (inter alia). Home Page

John Brockman

Literary agent, and author. Home Page
[Brockman95]The Third Culture; Simon & Schuster 1995; ISBN 0684823446 purchase from amazon purchase from ibs Notes by RBJ Review
Digerati; web site dedicated to the deification of a techno-elite Online Digerati Site

James Robert Brown

Home Page
  • Philosophy of Science
  • Thought Experiments
  • Scientific Realism
  • Philosophy of Mathematics
  • Foundations of Physics
  • Science and Society

Kevin Brown

Home Page Mathematics, Physics, Music. Set Theory and Foundations

Martin Bunder

Logic, especially combinatory logic. Home Page

Alan Bundy

Computational modelling of mathematical reasoning. The use of proof plans to guide the search for a proof in automatic theorem proving, especially inductive proofs. The application of theorem proving to formal methods of software and hardware development. Home Page
[Bundy83] The Computer Modelling of Mathematical Reasoning
Academic Press 1983; ISBN 0-12-141252-0
purchase from amazonO purchase from ibs

John Burgess

Philosophy, logic, set theory. Home Page

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